Autumn Wind


Autumn Wind

Multicolored leaves flowing through the cool—damp air

swirling around everywhere like

loose confetti in varying shapes,

High winds ripping brittle tree limbs from rippled trunks,

Scattered bits of discarded articles collecting in

damp channels and fading wrappers wavering in the drains…

Twisting micro particles floating in a delicate mist,

slamming into wavy glass as bitter people

Pass on gritty sidewalks of patted grains of sand

and varied pieces of chipped stone,

several young cyclists fighting a building intensity and slanting side to side

With the brutal potency driving them on,

Angry commuters silently wishing for a different Monday

As they course on fighting the devouring gusts

Will it ever be easier or will that wait until they ring in their New Year?

Soon fluttering pristine snowflakes will mix in and cover

that growing pile of dried autumn leaves resting carelessly after

Being chased in those ever-joining zephyrs.

–J. E. Cook ©2014 Revised on 01/22/15


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