Liberal Art Campfire


Liberal Art Campfire

Old stones lead to mossy bark

Dark paths cut through a hardwood forest

Seasons flow in and out here with their individual beauty

The crystal mists tangle with autumn colors

A fresh white snowfall weaves among icy creek banks

Spring flowering dogwoods light up azure skylines,

My subdued drunkenness writes poetry

as nocturnal music creates splendid dances among

green leaves and delicate early blooms,

The sheen of cold wet dew collects

As the pink dawn breaks outside

the rock overhangs,

All night, many of us

sung songs around

the Cobalt Lake.

A golden light touches bare flesh

Eccentric and innocent,

met the arrogant

And the very particular, as a great gray

Raptor breaks through the woods,

with trembling awareness

Bawdy laughter becomes illicit

in the stillness of morning newness

One female vanishes draped in cotton

flanked by a mellow partner,

Ashen dimness hangs in the air,

a swish as a being clusters away

from the stained molded stones,

the last sound remaining,

before all vanish

into the unalterably

Eminence of holy domain.

–J. E. Cook ©2014 revised on 01/22/15



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