My Penned Tribute to David Bowie


Tribute to David Bowie

He was a thin White Duke

With a piercing blue gaze,

He used a mystical form of lyrical composition to cause

His music to flow and pulse

With many different meanings.

His process could predict our future and reflect on our

Past experiences.


Watching the flashing green light at the end

Of the dock

With Gatsby, as Tom looks on, he consults with the glittering stars,

What would 1984 bring to us?

Maybe another Fight Club…

Winding down in the City of the Night,

As he rests, and remains dying alone in bed, dreaming of Blue Beard’s Castle

And what is happening in Berlin, Paris, and many other glittering cities.

A blast from inside a Whale passes over a sailor who fell from Greece

Into the unknown darkness at Noon.


The black boy is the Stranger that watches the Infants in the Spring

As the Song’s lines become a Lolita with his Master drinking his Margarita in

one hand.


Wasteland spreads as Money, Strange People, and Outsiders perform during

An Age of American Unreason causing Raw White Noise and the street contains

No Wonder Boys.


The Metropolitan Life reveals The Bridge that leads to the Coast of Utopia

where All the Emperor’s Houses graze and The Bird Artist designs among them.

With Nowhere to run, the Earth’s Powers consult the 42nd Parallel.

In Cold Blood, teenagers on the road, murder past loves and create vile

Bodies before the Hidden Persuaders can intervene, and they fall to Dante’s Inferno

As The Leopard, and they witness A People’s Tragedy.

His shadow passes over A Grave for a Dolphin and his Journey becomes

The Whirlwind with The Gnostic Gospels spreading The Insult after their morning

Rituals conclude and close.


A Private Eye reads a magazine about the 1960’s automobiles in the office of Hitchens & Barnes,

While the whistle of a Parrot Echoes off the Cabinet of Wonders.


The Starman is Dancing in the Streets with Jean Genie and Absolute Beginners,

As the China Girl

Spreads Ashes to Ashes of Heroes while daydreaming of Modern Love,

Changes make her Wild as The Wind, and her Golden Years arrive, As the World Falls Down.


Five years ago on Valentine’s Day,

The Stars presented his Mojo with Prestige through a Labyrinth as Mr. Lawrence looked on

Filled with The Hunger for Serious Moonlight, thinking where is Ziggy Stardust now?

–J. E. Cook © 2016


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