~New Poetry on Nature~

Morning Skies

A Poem by Josie Cook


Nature and time…



Morning Skies

The skies were a robin-egg shade of blue,
Pink and rose colored smudges emerged across the spectacular canvas
Of early morning,

My favorite time of the day,
So peaceful and alluring with splendid beings revealing their uniqueness
In our environment,
As the sun gently rises,
Some pearly pastel shades flow into the pristine ambiance
Forming a vast spectrum of glorious radiance,
Our sun glows with its inner brilliance to become nature’s opulence
.–J. E. Cook (C) 2016


~A Sea Cameo~

Cowries and tooth shells were money,

For some

American Indians.

Cameo carvers used helmet shells for their delicate art.

The Muricidae, and the love for a purple dye,

Ornamental buttons and flowing robes,

A pearly lining of allure,

Oriental creators using them in clever motifs

as unique


Their infinite beauty is a natural creation,

Encountered upon many island beaches,

High tide liquid carries in the live bounties

To rest on super fine sands,

Shadows pass and they react in self-defense,

Some spiraling and entombing

deeply into the wet grains.

The hidden iridescent

colors inside

For safe keeping.

These are the draws for the

Seeking shell collector.

–J. E. Cook ©2016


“I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me.”– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Source: Breathed


Victorine-Louise Meurent; more than a muse~

Known as the red-headed muse

Of France,

Where she posed for Manet often,

She arrived into the world during 1844,

Victorine lived to be 83,

Many rumors fill her history,

Because Manet broke many rules

As he included her in his paintings

Nude with the black ribbon tied on her


Often she was referred to as his part-time


She painted her own Palm Sunday,

It alone survives as her art.

Victorine never received a profit from Manet’s work,

As she continued to care for her ill mother,

Too old to pose, she did teach music for a time,

Ill herself, she struggled to survive.

17 rue Maître Albert lingers as a clue to her


Oil on canvas presents her image to future

Viewers, but offering no clues to her

Real existence.

She remains a mystery as the naked painted lady,

Of the 1800’s

Because she did not pen a diary.

Leaving the city of Paris behind,

In 1903, she lived with Marie Dufour.

The red of Paris glows behind her image,

Her double lives in colors on Manet’s canvases.

What her real persona was is still quite a mystery

To uncover and study

Involving the ever-changing art world.

–J. E. Cook ©2016



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