Her Creative World


Her Creative World

She visited her realm often

that became her creative world,

having been born with a curious observance

She decides to write her thoughts down,

her daily whispers,

Are carried on the winds of her unique world,

That she created,

this place of eternal magic,

where everything floats

out of time,

As she stares into her cracked looking glass,

Finding her reflected new life; through fancy images dancing forth,

she decides to enter through one winding break,

Silence at first, as the skies open before her curious eyes,

She takes in the scenery of her newly created world,

a place where shimmering green dragons fly free

and tiny garden fairies dip daily among huge blossoms of

fragrant flowers and abundant new growth,

where the clear rivers flow between rolling pristine hills

of fresh alfalfa,

there, the sunshine reigns over most days,

until the thirsty blooms call to the curving puffed-up clouds

begging for some moist refreshments,

their requests bring a gentle release with

a double rainbow appearing in the west as the drops

cease to land on their upturned faces,

this placid misting is all they require climb up

higher, just as her thoughts continue to create

another world for her everlasting escape.– J.E. Cook ©2017



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