Another Poem of mine Read by Nina

Listen in, and hear my poem read by Nina Thilo and how beautifully she does it!

The poem is called Undying Love.


Undying Love

Every time I close my eyes

I’m right back

With you,

The cream sheers billowing

In the spring breeze

With the lavender lilacs

In full bloom,

Open windows welcoming

The exquisite

Fragrance inside,

Where we are entwined

Among the cool satin sheets

Enjoying each other’s


And embracing almost

Too wildly

With our passions

Heated up,

Sharing endless kisses

While our bodies

mold with intense

Emotion for each other.

No matter how much

Time goes by

I will always remember

Those sultry minutes together

With unlimited loving for

Each other,

Our connection

Was truly strong

And indifferent

To any obstacles,

We nurtured

And openly

Expressed our

Love for each other

With unforgettable

Shared expressions

Of true romance,

Something no one

Can rob us of,

Because this enduring



Died.  –J. E. Cook © 2019

We always did the garden together.
It had plenty of variety

and always had sunflowers and the lilac trees were near it.


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