J. E. Cook

A Day with Tori~

A Day with Tori~

I’m a hopeless romantic with interests in the areas of natural beauty, nature, water, and floral fauna. Life brings me many of these, and I want to capture them through artistic media. I’m always using different forms of art to convey my thoughts and my interpretations. Photography, painting, drawing, making jewelry and creative writing are ways I capture my artistic meaning. My cameras are devices to aid me in my creative process. I get my ideas in the midst of life. Currently, I am working on a series of E-books based on pairing my various poems with my photography. I believe creative outlets can be used as a device aiding in a healing process.

I am an imaginative creator through methods such as poetry, photography, art, and writing. Currently, I am attending online classes at Antioch University Midwest, and my focus is creative writing. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I am single mother of three daughters, and I have one beautiful grandson and one lovely granddaughter.



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