Josie’s Poetry Page

Keep Me Pristine and Alive

I have this feeling

That I will be damaged goods—forever.

My threadbare scars will never entirely mend

and fuse my discolored skin…


Fall on Smith Road by J. Cook

Into one unit of less complex nervous causeways.

The need to be clean of you,

and feel safe and protected again is fierce

inside my gut.

My happiness is the upmost value,

my retaining wall must remain

high above all and lost in the vapors of many dust molts

carrying away the fragments of your being,

along with the untwined stagnant corpus luteum.

May my peace be renewed in the cobalt pools

surrounding my pulsing liquid red compassion,

As joy flutters in accompanied with surges of prosperity,

Keeping my inner light burning from a minuet flicker

to A full raging combusting furnace.

–J. E. Cook ©2014


Fireworks in Troy, Ohio 2015 from Hobart Arena~

Devils at War

I believe there are at least two devils operating in our world,

Playing against each other and trying to outdo each other,

Their drama outshines all the positive beauty that surrounds many of us,

Causing upheaval and confusion that derails our angels of mercy,

Still, they float around as they try to clean up after these two devils running

On their paths of destruction and spreading their evil thoughts,

These angels need more support and help with their aspiring direction,

But their leader isn’t present…

This leader left a long time ago, and joined the ranks of the corrupt.

Now the good ones are scrambling to fulfil their cause–growing weak & distressed.

I’m hoping more angels will appear on the gloomy horizon soon to relieve the tired & frayed…

Can two devils be defeated or will they continue to control & destroy?

Glean, and send in the Saints because replacements are desired.

Many restless souls are waiting.

–J. E. Cook ©2014

Fairytale of Love

A Poem by Josie Cook

Warning This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Fairytale of Love

Lying in bed, thinking I hear voices

Thinking what is wrong with me


Summer Sunset 2014 by J.Cook

The white walls feel like they are closing in on me

Still in bed on a sunny Monday morning

My lips still stained by the cherry wine I ingested the night before

Wearing yesterday’s outfit, and feeling the elastic of my brassiere

Cutting into the tender skin below it.

I feel out of my mind with fleeting thoughts

A blissed-out replay with ecstatic seconds shared among friends

Remembering the clover scent in the air during the midnight cookout

Imagining what it would feel like if he ran his hands through my hair

Would he continue to touch me in other places?

Peeling the thin layers between us, until he reached his quest

My skin tingling with his touch

His fingers charging me like sweet music

Sending me off a cliff where I lose my heart to him.

I stare out the window at the tops of evergreens,

Wondering if it could happen to me again.

Any fairytale would be nice in this time of my life…

A time when desperate lovers would come together, capture each other’s hearts

Crazy love with serious intentions

I examine this stirring evidence alone in bed

Leaning against the sill, I ponder enjoying a summery day in a love match

A delicious warming enters my soul thinking about his back

Wanting to tailspin out of control in those strong arms

Without focus

Blowing my mind with his momentous tenderness

My hand ruffling his hair

In my luscious trance covered in pink mist

My blush revealing what his constant contact does to me

Intense pace with him that I savor

Not wanting interruption

My senses flying in all directions

Rough hands covering my rose tipped breasts

Ending with his dive under the covers

Permanently numb after this intimate inquest with his lips

Oblivious smiles erupting on my moist face

My throat dry and my guts twisting with lingering excitement

What a wonderful thing shared between two people.

–J. E. Cook ©2014


Zoo Days by J.Cook

Coral Coasts

Dreaming of a visit to the coral coast

Where I may view multicolored sea gardens

From a boat drifting in the tropical lushness

Island chains with coral reefs sculpting patterns

Where the water temperature seldom falls below 70 degrees

Intimately linked with indigo flooding the sea’s surface

Salt sprays hitting my face as I see the revealing coral heads

Disk shells in white cover the shore as gorgonians and sponges litter

The shallow waters where the reefs extend with living corals

Strange and beautiful with contorted tubular shells in the depths of blue

Starfish and violet-hued sea fans ride on passing currents

Exotic colors form walls and schools of bright fish glitter as they drift into crevices

J. E. Cook ©2014


Ruby Falls by J. Cook

I love Water

A Poem by Josie Cook

Swimming in that vast, wet wonder of water!

I love Water

The feel of it

Flowing over my membranes

As I swim through it

Floating with my hands out

Lingering in one spot

Feeling it pressing on my skin

My hair moving and twisting

Free in the moving currents

Its exquisite existence

Keeping life suspended with a buoy

Something we can’t give up.

It comes in many colours depending on

Where you are….

Ponds, streams, oceans

With seas of breathing microorganisms

Thrusting towards my flesh

Images fluctuating inside my head of

Crystal caverns and mystic white sands

I’m hovering, but suspended

Never totally submerged

Because the buoyancy balances

Carrying my body along


I am perched on the edge

Waiting for the next wave

It is coming

To carry me away– a crest, a spatter, and a splash.

–J. E. Cook ©2014

Stored in my mind,
Slivers of time
from the past,
A sweet reverie that
Reassembles a moving picture.
Experiences attached to my soul,
Deep inside.
Emotion washes over me,
As the memories,
Expand in
My mind.
Some saved for dreams,
Other ones floating by
In fragmented daydreams.
Stored in my body until
The past is called from
Its hiding place
In my mind.

–J. E. Cook (C) 2012


Photo by J. Cook at Glen Helen

She Brought her Season

A Poem by Josie Cook


She brought her Season

Her name is Winter,

She is knocking at my door today.

It is much colder than yesterday,

Her wind sweeping the landscape outside the glass,

No clouds entering the vast white space,

The startling brightness of ice and crystal dustings blind me,

As I open the sliding door, the cracking and popping of stretched limbs,

Assaults my ears,

Weighted boughs plummeting in the mist of opal skies.

My neighbor’s garbage frozen and covered in glitter.

Her car windshield a glaring sheet of shiny silver touched with microscopic slivers.

This neighborhood has become her frozen kingdom,

Immobile and sparkling except for dying branches of oak, pine, and maple.

Iridescent pearls cover the hanging teeth of her many icicles pulling at every building’s


ominous silence is interrupted by the scraping

in the external

frigid breezes,

All color is washed out by the iron hand of Mother Nature.

–J.E. Cook ©2015


Photo by J. Cook took outside St. Paris Ohio

Black Heart Intruder

A Poem by Josie Cook

Evil jealousy and cheap souls~

Black Heart Intruder

A dark soul returned,

And he took away the most precious entity to me~ again,

The partitions had tumbled down,

Lives became entwined and many cherished pieces were

Exchanged between glorious ancestors,

Many varied

Seasons came and went,

Additions arrived in cuddly flannel blankets and snug caps

Of pink and blue

The blue bunting first and pink bundle a week later,

causing jealousy and resentment to fester and burst,

Resulting in extreme pain to my heart,

Peace never restored to the unit because of a sinister hate

Being cast into the whole nucleus

My bleeding red heart still trickles

And seeps as it slowly fades and dies

Becoming a black core,

He will pass no more through black arrowed gates

Bolted and locked inside and outward until

Everlasting luminosity is reached.

–J.E. Cook ©2015


orbs in flight~ shot by J. Cook at Kings Island

Thank you, Andrea Auten, for the inspiration in that one line~


Photo by J. Cook in Casstown, Ohio

My Shells

I love walking in the soft wet sand

With my feet bare and the wind tangling in my hair,

Collecting my washed up treasures.

Shells–unique and widely gathered

Natural trinkets in varying colors and twisting shapes

Some traded–some sold in containers in local tourist traps

Samplings of thousands of marine beauties

Attractive and fascinating Volutes, Cones, and Helmets

Accompany Sundials, Keyhole Limpets, and Periwinkles

Numerous gastropods along with the cultured pearls

Makeup the living marine life as the tides bring in more

Chitons to the rocks covered in green algae where

Shallow pools form housing various

Limpets and mussels,

Clearly a paradise for my enjoyment.

–J. E. Cook ©2015


~Glen Helen in Fall~ shot by J. Cook

Your Sky Blue Eyes

In your embrace,

I note those captivating irises,


Touching me profoundly along with your

pleasing kisses

landing on my décolletage,

You touch me with many amorous glances,

Melting me softly,

Passions rise and crest as I continue to be

held in your protective arms,

with warmth grasping my soul.

You are encompassing me,

As you always do,

Your tender fierceness fuses my body to yours,

As we treasure each other

sizzling and soaring

In the essence of each other.

–J. E. Cook ©2015


What LOVE is not and should Be…

You can’t buy love

                It isn’t a piece of furniture or a luxury car

It is not a diamond ring or a fur coat

                It is not a closet full of beautiful dresses and suits

It is not weekend trips and steak dinners in the moonlight

                It is not leather boots and designer handbags

It is not French perfume and silk stockings

                It is not expensive wine and caviar

It is not endangered animal’s hides and ivory tusks

                It is not huge yachts in the sea and rambling mansions in the countryside

It is not living alone and yearning to be set free

                It is not being caged in a luxury suite

It is not being guarded and controlled

It isn’t being kept and admired

LOVE is being set free and knowing that you will come back

                Because you feel that love deep in your inner ambiance and all around you.

                                –J. E. Cook ©2015


Taker of Purity

The blossoming wheat blows freely reflecting in the periwinkle skies

Sunny rays float above it,

As a girl,

That just turned sixteen,

Hides in the middle of

the arrowed spears,

With an older lover stripping her virginity,

He will leave her behind,

after he colors the ground pink


Her chaste blood,

As it flows into the

packed dirt under their bare bodies,

A black crow will signal

a lingering crush,

When her cries

fill the air,

And punctuate the silence

of the coming darkness,

Surrounding the scarecrow that failed her,

The stalker took the unblemished fruit

into his

Corrupt soul,

Her chaste and

unsullied ambiance,

Will be forever

tarnished and wilted,

With his

lingering poison planted


in her splintered heart.

She bleeds,

As no one offers

A minute’s sacrifice

to suture the flow.

~J. E. COOK ©2015


In K. Y. for a visit…



Torn into small pieces,

Particles floating away,

Replacing the whole.

How do I determine

What direction to move in

Drained of the complete unit,

Replaced by fragments.

My journey detoured and depth becoming


–J. E. Cook ©2015



I’m unbound from you

So let me go

So I may fly into the world

To be someone new

I don’t want to dream of you

Too much pain

I’m out from under you

The one who never sticks around

When the road gets rough, and I stumble

I’m free of you

So much has opened up

For me

Since I got rid of you!

–J. E. Cook ©2015


Troy, Ohio 2015 Display at Hobart Arena

Blue Lotus

A Poem by Josie Cook

Powerful love…

WarningThis Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Blue Lotus

A nervous tickle ran down my backbone,

reminding me of when you touched my wavy hair.

an improbable choice for your seeking hands

as it cascaded across my bare shoulders

resting on my slender waistline,

you  snickered at my anxious response.

our innermost mysteries were never  shared,

instantly, whenever I see a blue Lily-of-the-Nile,

I envision you standing beside me,

caressing my dark locks, kissing me unrestrained,

Then, whispering in my ear.

These anonymities of the cosmos became ours to retain,

as our longing biospheres collided under the sugar maker moon,

a mystic calmness came over us,

exonerating my shyness,

and clearing the way for

the euphoria of erotic debauchery.

–J. E. Cook 2015 (C)

SAM_0233 (2)

Experiencing a Human touch of Love

There is the desire for human touch

after it has been absent for so long.

That touch I remember from knowing

a deep love.

How do I let that go?

Rhythm experienced in the arms of my lover…

Recurring in my mind as I recall how it feels to be loved

and cherished in a shared caress as I am covered in kisses

with his breath touching my neck and floating to my ears.

Gentle movements that increase to a breaking point

Resting quietly afterwards in each other’s arms,

then falling into a deep sleep because my tension has been released

through our intimate pleasures.

Isn’t this what life is about?

Living for that shared moment between two humans as they

become one in a process of loving touches and sensations

that are so deep that they reach each other’s inner core.

–J. E. Cook © 2014

scan0027 (2)


An Attic of Fascinating Clutter

A Poem by Josie E. Cook M. A.

Thoughts…spinning into wonder.

I ascend to this cloud nine,

Make-believe angels hurrying along.

My Imagination is my own whimsical vice;

Alone, alone with my own thoughts.


I’m am enchanted by the sound of the rain on the tin roof;

There’s darkness, half-lighted areas, and light combining in a blur of dust motes.

This could be a national treasury of delights,

Of which I am the keeper of thoughts.


Time is my mine here.

The angel’s touch descends to me,

That golden touch of light with one silent gesture that will refine me

This dusting in such realms to hide the clutter of my mind.


Those beads of rose pearls are disguised and imitations of real ones,

A broken chair, will it hold me? It is a musty throne

From which I may survey the lesser items of their glory,

These delights do not claim me or their own.


A box contains dyed spheres;

Like planets that record the stars’ locations.

Ever the listener, I am given to their fancy as

The threads of Venus and the beat of Mars make their weary passes…


Such as time and my Imagination–what are they of today?

They are, my dear, the pseudonyms of change and creativity,

I become a smooth, indifferent author of daily play,

Master of both the communal and the peculiar of this world.


My sisters are of other bizarre and outlandish devices,

And we are often weary, for we’ve come so far in the unexpected

–too far to be mesmerized by the falling rain.

I am alone, alone with what I have become through this spellbound

Fantasy. –J. E. Cook ©2017



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