Lee Martin~Late One Night~

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Lee Martin crafts a fabulous story that combines the elements of deceit, family secrets, and small town rumor mills and all of these become a driving force inside a close-knitted society.

Martin’s incorporation of key details makes his novel spot-on.  His main characters are particularly multifaceted and they display their raw emotions.  He uses some repetition to drive his main focus home. His characters appear real to the reader. The characters are not perfect, and this is what makes them so memorable.

Martin mentions Black Suede, a scent created by Avon giving the reader a real sense of the time and an individual scent to relate to when thinking about one of his characters.  Then again, all the senses are engaged throughout the book.

This is my favorite passage in this fiction novel:

“He liked to imagine that the fireworks were the wings of angels, painting the sky red and blue and silver and gold as they streaked down to Earth to see to this or that.  His mother had something she liked to say to him when she told him goodnight.  It came from a poem she learned in school when she was a girl:

Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven,

Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels (277).”

At the end, mentioning Anne Frank and quoting her is also brilliant touch!

“I still believe people are really good at heart (309).”  –this is what I believe the theme is inside this novel.  Finding the positive and good in people are often reflected on as the story comes to the end.

Martin drives home the point of leaving the past behind and moving on in this book.  He kept me turning the pages with the building suspense and his intriguing clues to what really happened.

This is definitely, a hard novel to put down without finishing.

Lee Martin2016

~An evening at Antioch University Midwest with Lee Martin~Summer of 2016~


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