My Manifesto




For me, writing in a broad-spectrum is a release and a discovery wrapped into one unit.  I am most comfortable writing poetry; however, I like to experiment with other genres.  I enjoy being the narrator in my prose, and I like to seek out the lyrical sounds when I combine a number of sentences and fluctuating paragraphs to make a story.  In addition, I tend to use the first person voice most of the time, although I want to experiment with the third person voice, different perspectives, and various personas as I write in the imminent future.  The essence of various emotions inside poetry is a major appeal for me, and I strive to use this mechanism in all of my writing quests.  Nature is an influence in my writing along with various themes based on trust, loyalty, aspirations, dreams, desires, joy, and optimism.  I incorporate these into my manuscripts.  Many strong influences in my life come through in my writing.  My perpetual hope is to reach humanity through my words.  I write because I am an optimistic romantic at particular times.  Therefore, I use my personal beliefs and experiences with the spheres of natural beauty reflecting in the development as a project reaches its completion.  I think believing in dreams and incorporating their revelations and visualizations into my writing projects is significant.  In many cases, I am aiming for my inner wisdom to become noticeable with my writing. I strive to convey everything distinctly to my readers through my writing.  Individual occurrences can give me some unique perceptions, and these select circumstances can help me develop my thoughts as I draft and revise.  Life brings everyone many lasting emotions and memories like a fingerprint or a tattooed map.  I want to capture them in ink, and freeze them in time.  Being a creative person in disposition and spirit, I am always using other forms of art to convey my beliefs and inner thoughts. It is a spiritual release.  My artistic interpretations live in my finished works of art.  Shooting random sporadic scenes with my camera is another way I capture pretentious smidgens of the world in an instance to cherish later with reflection.  When I write, I use another form of talent to tell my reader about my imaginative visions with my intellect, as well as what I obtain from my life.

My entire creative process is driven by my recurring ideas as I am in the midst of life.  Keeping notes as I experience it is imperative.  Intuition plays a big part in my creative writing process.  Later, the revisions make everything much clearer.  First, I must get it down while it is fresh in my mind.  The overall form is something that comes later after I have revised several times.  Word choice is essential during the end process of a writing endeavor.  I generate additional ideas as I edit and revise in my beginning stages.  I write mostly in free verse and in narrative forms when I am creating poetry.  My writing process can be very messy at first, and it takes me a long time to consider a project finished.  Time is a great measure of my writing progression.  There must be an extended waiting period between my revisions and towards a project completion.  As a whole, practicing writing is an important creative outlet, and it keeps me sane, hence I can focus on a positive path to reach my goals.  I believe reading is also a very important factor in my positive mindset, and I incorporate it into my daily routine.  Various genres fascinate me and investigating them is stimulating.  My mind is becoming a voluminous vault with many storage chambers that I can use to implement my ideas.  Putting all of this information into words unburdens my mind, and I become a more natural and a blissfully happy person.  My emotional freedom is restored as I create and expose my inner identity to others through my individual creativity.


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