~Poetry Penned in the Summer of 2016~

Marine Visions

Stately mansions line the white sands,

My soul thinks of how swift our seasons roll

To leave thy past behind us,

Noble temples are full of vast artworks,

And I decide to leave thine tarnished shell

Behind me,

And cast it into our unrelenting seas,

To join my nautilus heart

Which broke free,

As I gathered seashells on the

Strewn beach,

Those romantic desires

And sought mysteries have fleeted

From my untrusting soul,

The sea’s echo carries a mermaid’s speech

To my ears,

Thou must listen carefully to her words,

So compelling and emotionally fascinating

As I draw from my senses to create beauty

With vivid colors and sculpture forms

With striking features

So like those of elaborate shells

Used to dazzle the world

With tuned tones and schemes containing

Pastel colors,

Rendering a charming purpose in the

Perception of a shell collector. –J. E. Cook ©2016



The Haunting of the Crystal Castle

A Poem by Josie Cook

Musings about empty spaces and cracked structures…


The Haunting of the Crystal Castle

Her sarcastic laughter echoes

down the castle’s dark stairway

Some scraping leads into the other rooms

where writhing shadows leap around,

Above one speckled and cracked door,

Is a rectangle shaped piece of glass with

Angels dancing in vibrant colors,

as a rusting floor lamp glows beside

a dusty rose loveseat.


At the back alley’s end, the smoking railroad engine

Bursts and spews grey smoke

against a clearing with fading evening illuminations,

Inside, her steps on the oak boards echo

Among the lost music of her piano

those haunting chords

cannot keep away the curious,

and yet they can’t cast away her spirit either.


A cracked violin rests in a corner,

Its wooden sound from her

childhood, where the old slate pavement,

shows signs of play and merriment.


The morning light arrives,

And reflects on soot-smudged

and cracked plaster walls,

there’s a rough-treated phonograph

on a scarred table with a slight lean,

When evening comes again,

A blurred shadow with the smells of roses,

Following it,

Gives to a peal of hollow laughter,

As her spirit closes the curtains,

Shutting out the outside world.

–J. E. Cook ©2016


A Perfect Celebration

A Poem by Josie Cook

” In Remembrance of one display of love & joy~ “


A Perfect Celebration

I fell in love with you…
You asked me to go to a fireworks display,
then you filled the back of your truck with lawn chairs
for us,
meaning for me, my daughter, and you.
you drove us to town and found the precise spot
for a spectacular view,
They were exploding right above us, in front of us, and around us.
The show was the most amazing one we had ever attended,
thereby the calm Miami River.
Raindrops began to fall as we pulled out of our spot,
the traffic was congested and thick; all bumper to bumper,
I will never forget that evening in the back of your truck
holding hands and watching the sparkling colors appear
against the darkened skies as my daughter took in the
beauty with us.
Her blue-green eyes reflecting the bursting images,
and her face forming a perfect smile with joyous laughter escaping.
It remains in my mind, as a perfect Fourth of July

At Cheat Lake

A Poem by Josie Cook

As summer gets underway…

At Cheat Lake

He stayed hidden for seventeen years

Like the cicada,

His loud noises gave him away eventually,

There were many rumors buzzing around

About him,

His molting body was the real giveaway,

As holes appeared everywhere

In his multiplying stories,

Smoke rose from the surrounding lakes,

Hence, his wild times emerged for all to know

About his cheating ways as his timing failed him

Revealing his waiting mistress,

As he joined her,

Curiosity broke out everywhere,

The Prodigal Summer became his wife’s

Beginning for a new life for her.

–J. E. Cook ©2016


Monochrome Fireworks


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