Townie by Andre Dubus III


Townie by Andre Dubus IIIsmithroad1

The meat of his story is in his final pages—if you don’t finish the book, then you miss the meaning of his writing inside this marvelous printed collection of his memories!
Townie—by Dubus III is an epic jewel that shows the reader glimpses in time that formed a writer from another writer. –J. E. Cook
As I read this memoir, I found myself connecting with the scenes, the sense of place, and it grounded me inside the told memories on the pages. The people became real and their life became known by me as the reader. I commend the courage it took to tell this life story to others by writing it and publishing it for many people to read. My signed copy is worn and full of marked sections. I took my time finishing it to cherish the feelings and emotions packed in the pages.
Many times people don’t realize what they have or what they will miss until it is taken away forever. Death can mark an awakening inside some souls. There is beauty in the brotherhood with the passing of a father. A supporting mother is always present for them, and her courage is apparent during the telling of this story. A family and their connections reoccurring during his recollections of his life– Dubus III divulges his story with the passion and the intricate elements that link the reader to his unique experiences. Details weaved throughout connecting scattered memories to bring alive the people and the locations present in his mind.
This memoir is an inspiring read for a writer. Creative nonfiction is a challenging genre. I took away many lessons from reading this book, and I hope other readers and writers will find it helpful in their endeavors. Knowing the right details to include in building a scene and grounding the reader are crucial to storytelling. On page 45, “Plastic children’s toys would lie on the cracked concrete among cigarette butts and empty nip bottles, and on their sides here and there would be shopping carts for when the car wouldn’t start and the welfare checks came in…,” Dubus III gets it right. This is the kind of writing that made me keep reading.



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